The review

I want to thank you for the information received in the training course. A few things helped me a lot.

First, a short stop-loss. Before, I only occasionally entered with a short stop-loss when there was not much volatility in the market. But now I will always use a short stop-loss. On the pound in the selection process, I could not show the result, experimented with different periods. First I tried on the M5, then I switched to M15 and to H1. Now I understand that my working period is H1, when I analyzed all my transactions. In general, I also began to apply a short stop-loss in trading with oil on one of my trading accounts and the result was very pleasing to me. Now a request for you, for a second chance in the selection – let’s change the trading instrument instead of the pound-dollar for oil.

Secondly, from the course I really liked making screenshots of graphs for the last half year, week, last two days (closing, opening of the day). Very useful for trading.

And thirdly, I am now learning to trade on not on logic, as I did before. In general, thank you again!

I am waiting for a second attempt.

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